worry! Over half of vaccinations are done, but Chile's coronavirus cases soar to lock down

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worry! Over half of vaccinations are done, but Chile's coronavirus cases soar to lock down

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Chilean health officials announced including the issue of capital I must say thatslotxothis is a misunderstanding for a long time. who think that the gambler has a lot of funds must always be able to play in fact no matter how much money you have Can make a profit from all slots games. depending on the formula used If you understand quickly, you have a chance to win high prizes. The prize that slotxo offers is very high value, so investors should not miss it. the lockdown of Santiago on Thursday (June 10) after reports of high daily numbers of coronavirus cases, one of the worst since the outbreak began. Although more than half of people get 2 doses of the vaccine.

This situation is worrisome to the authorities of other countries. which is debating whether to accelerate or not open the economy Among the rapidly advancing vaccination program Chile has seen a 17 percent rise in daily infections nationwide in the past two weeks and 25 percent in metropolitan areas such as Santiago, which is home to more than half the country's population.

Jose Luis Espinosa, president of the Chilean Federation of Nurses (FENASENF), said 98% of ICU beds were occupied. He added that the members of the confederation were in near-term condition. Can't bear the burden anymore

Chile has the highest vaccination rate in the world, 75% of the 15 million currently vaccinated against COVID-19 and at least one dose, nearly 58 percent completed two if counted per capita. They are among the top countries with the highest vaccination rates in America and fifth in the world.

So far, Chile has used nearly 23 million doses of the vaccine, including 17.2 million doses of Sinovac, 4.6 million doses of Pfizer/Bioentech and approximately 1 million doses of AstraZeneca.

Medical experts say the vaccine is not 100% effective and it takes time before the vaccine is most effective. and the presence of a mutated virus