US Army 'Laser Machine Gun' that can vaporize a 'sublimation' target

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US Army 'Laser Machine Gun' that can vaporize a 'sublimation' target

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The US Army is developing a new laser weaponThere are many slot games, including all camps, all of them are world-famous games. Available in free trial mode. to learn how to bet payout rate and playingslotxotechniques as much as possible is another feature that gamblers should not overlook You can play immediately, no money, no need to register first, play as many games, as long as you want. system. which is a million times more powerful than what is available today. It is a weapon that fires laser waves that fuse metal into vapor.

Imagine a laser weapon shaped like a rifle in a science fiction movie. Fires a laser wave that vaporizes the sublimation metal. in succession like a machine gun

Imagine a laser weapon being 1 million times more powerful than anything previously used and capable of making targets. It's all evaporated including interfering with enemy technology signals

Will this tell you about the Star Trek series being shown on TV?

No, it's not a sci-fi script at all. But the US military is developing a device like this. It is also known as Tactical Ultrashort Pulsed Laser for the Army platform.
According to the report published on the website The current laser weapon developed by the US Army. It is a continuous beam type. These weapons are intended to penetrate metal barriers into holes.