Fear is out of control! Japan extends emergency declaration to 8 more provinces, Tokyo, 5,042 infected in New High state

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Fear is out of control! Japan extends emergency declaration to 8 more provinces, Tokyo, 5,042 infected in New High state

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Japan announced to expand the enforcement of Play asslotxomuch as you can withdraw in full. but there are conditions In receiving bonuses as well, because if you choose to receive a bonus must comply with the requirements of the website can therefore be withdrawn If you don't get the bonus can withdraw money No need to make a turn to waste time, customers can choose as you like emergency measures to control more COVID-19 in eight provinces, which will cover 70 percent of the country's population. After the number of infected people is likely to continue to increase both in Tokyo and other areas. until the hospital system began to face a crisis

Tokyo, hosting the 2020 Olympics, saw a record increase in the number of cases. This has led to heavy criticism over measures to deal with COVID-19 Prime Minister Yoshihide Suka's government.

The latest measure was announced as Tokyo's daily number of infections hit 5,000 for the first time today (August 5) and a warning from a Tokyo advisory panel that the number will double in two weeks. front If the spread of infection is not reduced

Yasutoshi Nishimura, Minister of Economy of Japan, has proposed that it be enforced. Additional "quasi-emergency measures" in eight provinces have informed advisory councils that infection rates are increasing at an unprecedented rate. And the hospital is facing a "serious" situation.

The advisory panel has approved this proposal. And there are still some people who warn that the Covid-19 situation In Japan, it is so severe that a "nationwide" state of emergency has even been declared, according to the Japanese Medical Association.

6 prefectures in Japan, including Tokyo It will be under a full state of emergency until Aug. 31, while the other five provinces will resign. This means that about half of the Japanese population faces some social constraints.

However, the new law, which will come into effect on Sunday. would mean that social constraints would extend to more than 70 percent of the population.

The Japanese government claims that the Olympic Games "It's not a reason" that the number of infections has increased during this time. But experts believe that large-scale sporting events during the epidemic are "Max Bet" "Send Controversial Message" to those who are tired of staying at home in the old capital.

Olympic organizers confirmed 31 new Games-related cases today (5), bringing the total number of coronavirus cases, with athletes and staff to 353 since July 1.